What is Spotify?


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What is Spotify?

What is Spotify?

The streaming music space is constantly growing as many streaming platforms are being introduced every few years. There are numerous music streaming services these days, but one that consistently delivers great versatility and innovation is Spotify. Despite the hard-hitting competition from several alternative services like Pandora, YouTube, Deezer and more, Spotify has managed to rule the mainstream as a top player in this crowded marketplace.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that lets you access millions of songs, videos, podcasts, and other content from artists worldwide. This music streaming library has everything you need from the greatest artists of today and the years before. As we speak, its music catalogue has more than 35 million songs and the number appears to be rising every other day.

The number of users subscribing to this digital music streaming service is also on the rise. This year alone, the company announced that its subscriber base had reached 70 million, which is double what it had one-and-a-half years ago. The company claims to have more than 150 million active users in total.

How to Get It?

You can access this music streaming library by downloading the desktop applications for Mac, Linux, and Windows. You need to launch the web player after you have properly downloaded and installed the app.
Android, iOS, and Windows users can get this service by installing one of the apps designed for these devices. This digital streaming library can also be found on smartwatches, set-top boxes, TVs, and home video game consoles.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty easy to get started with listening to music and other content on this platform. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do:

1. Sign up or register on the Spotify website. You can sign up with Facebook as it makes it easier to find friends and follow them. You also get to see whatever your friends are listening to and share with them.

2. Choose your preferred subscription level. Opting for the premium level gives you easy access to more features and flexibility to connect with more devices.

3. Download the free application and install it. There are versions that are compatible with Android phones, iPhone/iPad and desktop.

4. Sign into your account and start streaming music

The user interface is straightforward and requires no steep learning curve to be able to use its basic features. Basic account holders can stream music at 160kbps by default, while premium account holders go up to 320kbps. You’re recommended to use good headphones so that you can listen to pretty good tunes.

Music Service Options

Spotify Free is an ideal option for users who want it for free and don’t mind seeing short advertisements. The free tier gives you access to millions of full-length tracks and you can organize existing music library. However, the ad-supported version only allows you to play music in Shuffle mode (except for a few select playlists).

With the free version, you’re allowed to skip only six (6) tracks per hour of streaming or listening. Upgrading to premium paid Spotify is the way to go if you wish to access everything the platform has to offer. The premium subscription goes for $9.99 and you can listen to music wherever you go.

Upgrading to premium level allows you to perform the following tasks:

• Browse and Search what you want to stream
• Get personalized features including Release Radar, Daily Mix, and Discover Weekly
• Build your favorite collections of music
• Follow, see, and share what friends, celebrities, and artists are listening to
• Create your unique Radio Stations