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What is AVG Antivirus

What is AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus is software that protects your computer against viruses, ransomware, malware and other harmful software that may interfere with the smooth running of your computer systems. It is available for windows operating systems, Mac and android. This software can be installed in a wide variety of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets as well as android tablets. It is supported by many operating systems such as Mac, windows, 7,8,10 as well as other android versions.

AVG antivirus is available in two versions, the free version and the other version that a user must purchase in order to use it also known as the full version. The free version is pretty good; however, it offers limited features and functionality. The full version has more features and it is considered as the best alternative. Both versions work well depending on user’s taste and preferences.

AVG antivirus features are updated regularly, once a new version is released. The user will be notified to update the installed version. Some of the features offered by this antivirus include security updates which are released on a real time basis, ability to scan performance issues and malware. Scanning all downloads from the Internet for any suspicious content and protection against ransomware as well as spy ware. In addition, it scans the contents of the websites you are browsing and the user will be notified if the suspicious content is detected. This is done continuously in the background and the user will not notice this background scanning process.

In today’s world, computer viruses are released in the computer networks frequently. This means that your anti-virus program running on your computer system must be updated on a regular basis to combat against virus attacks. For this reason, the AVG laboratories release the so called virus definitions or updated regularly to avert virus infection. Sometimes the viruses’ updates are released many times in any given day. This means that the developers of AVG are proactive in their approach to safeguard computing systems.

AVG antivirus has been designed with a user friendly graphical user interface that is easy to use even for newbie or first time users. You can choose whether to scan your files and folders, block unsafe Internet links or even check your email attachments before you download them. In addition, the users can update the virus definitions manually or set them to be downloaded once they are released by AVG labs.

Some of the features offered by AVG full version include hacker attacks protection. This means that hackers will have a very small chance to get unauthorized access to your computing systems. Unlike some of the antivirus available in the market, AVG has been engineered by highly qualified software engineers. For this reason, it works well without impacting your computing system performance. In an effort to make this product, work well, AVG collects feedback from users and tests the products thoroughly before it’s released to the market. Some of the feedback provided by the users is incorporated into the subsequent updates.

Once the updates are installed yin your computing device, you will see the new features released since your last update.In conclusion, AVG antivirus has been rated well by users from all over the world. It works well when compared to other anti-virus programs in the same category. Since it is considered “light” and does not use too much of computing resources such as CPU and memory. It has been considered as efficient and one of the best programs available today. Since it’s available for free, users can download it and test whether it serves their needs. However, if you would like to enjoy more features, please purchase the full version and you will have access to more features.