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Adobe AIR

Furthermore, AIR apps are quite safe because for each installation, digital signatures are required to identify the app and its developer before a user installs it. Plus, the program can run on all popular operating systems including Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS. Adobe AIR is free to use.

Driver Booster

Driver Booster 2019 is very powerful and comes with a humongous database of drivers – over 2 million drivers. What’s more, it can carry out updates and improve your gaming experience even while you are gaming. Plus, it is efficient, fast and pretty easy to operate. Driver Booster is relatively small and does not consume too much of your memory and CPU resources. It is free and compatible with all Windows computers, both 32 but a 64 bit operating systems.

Driver Easy

Driver Easy scans a computer’s drivers with both a one click option that scans all of the drivers found on a computer and an individual option in which you can go one by one and update each driver manually. This software works by communicating with drivers. Drivers are the software that allows a computer to communicate with the hardware that’s plugged into it, and they can cause issues with printers, speakers, screen perception, computer speed, and can even cause computer crashes. True to its name, this software is easy to use. It scans the drivers on your computer quickly to find the root of your computer problems, and allows users to download new drivers. This allows the capability to increase computer speed, ease of use, and enhance the computer functions we use every day.

Driver Genius

Driver Genius makes provisions for carrying out a full backup of all your drivers, this feature would come in handy in case of compatibility issues or bugs, you could easily restore to a previous version that worked properly with your computer. When you need any driver related solution, Driver Genius would be a great option to consider.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2020

Microsoft.NET Framework is a must have software for users and developers. The visually appealing nature of the Framework allows for ease of use when building interfaces promptly without quality suffering. With the option of working in over 20 programming languages, the program is a necessity for any computer programmer. All in all, when searching for software,


DriverMax is one driver update software product that deviates from the usual in a very unusual way. First, there is the unique menu, which instead of the run of the mill button and dialogue box approach, it uses four drops down menus in one window. This can make for a slightly confusing first time use, especially for those people who have used other driver update software in the past.The looks aren’t the only thing that’s different with DriverMax. So far, it is the only driver update software that requires the user to sign up for an account with the company that produces it in order to use the program. It requires that you submit your email address and come up with a username and password for your account, which is odd for these types of software. It become a bit like a web service that provides driver updates rather than a stand alone software program. Also, DriverMax’s help and support leave a few things to be desired, especially considering that it requires you to create an account, presumably so that their product support people can provide help more efficiently.DriverMax does offer quite a few extra features. Aside from the usual scanning and updating drivers, it also allows you to backup your current drivers, restore previously changed drivers and downgrade drivers when the need arises. DriverMax also updates you with the latest popular hardware available. However, it does bring up questions of whether the product also does marketing for the popular hardware while it does its main job of updating your drivers. As for the essentials, DriverMax’s accuracy for detecting outdated and corrupted drivers is above-average in today’s industry.

Bluetooth Driver Installer Beta

Additionally, this Bluetooth Installer is designed to automatically create a restore point before making any changes to your computer. So in the event that something goes wrong, you could use the Windows Restore System tool to revert all the changes made to your system. Furthermore, Bluetooth Driver Installer is very small, easy to use, with an intuitive interface. Plus, it is quite safe. Bluetooth Installer is free and compatible with all Windows computers, both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

Usually, AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel graphics drivers can be uninstalled from the control panel. However, some people may find difficulties with this procedure and the action may fail. Display Driver Uninstaller is where Display Uninstaller would be very useful. Someone times you just want to completely get rid of NVIDIA and ATI video card drivers from your system, this program offers you a comprehensive solution. Additionally, before using Display Driver Uninstaller, you have the option of creating a system restore point. Plus, you can use the program in either normal or safe mode. Furthermore, it is very lightweight and uncomplicated to operate. What’s more, it works fast and comes with a highly intuitive user interface. The program is free to download and compatible with all Windows computers, both 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems.

VueScan 9.6.14

VueScan is an image scanning and Optical Character Recognition software that can make your scanner compatible with your system. In order to provide better functionality to the scanner it can be installed on your PC. When your scanner becomes too old and you have upgraded your system or operating system, at such times it might not be easy for your system to detect an old hardware. At such times this software will take the place of original driver software and will make both the devices compatible. How to Install VueScan was originally developed by Software and its initial release was made in the year 1998. With time its updated versions were released to keep it useful. This software can run on Windows, LINUX and MAC operating systems and its latest stable version. After you have downloaded the setup file you can run it. On running the downloaded setup file a prompt will appear that will ask if you want to install it. Simply click the install button in order to use it. How to Use This software can be used for free in demo mode or you can buy its Standard and Professional license. After the scanner is attached and VueScan software is installed you can scan the pictures with it. There are two main bars in the application: Input and Prefs. In Prefs bar you can select the language from available options, choose the font size and can select the external viewer. With Input bar you can select options from standard, basic and professional, can insert files, choose the mode between flatbed and transparency and also select the media color of images to be scanned. The media size, scan resolution define the quality of images. Also users can choose the location where file will be stored, its format and PDF file name. After managing these settings the users can preview the result or scan the images. Later the scanned images can be stored and viewed. More Features VueScan is not only available for PC, but it can also be installed and used on your mobile phones. You can use it on Android and iOS operating systems. Either you are a beginner or a professional user, you can easily use this software due to its simple interface. VueScan can work with a lot of Scanner models. An estimated value of its compatible scanners is above 2500. The output results can be stored in JPEG, PDF and TIFF formats and the scanner can recognize text using OCR. • Compatible with over 2900 scanners. • Outputs scans in a variety of formats. CONCLUSION: VueScan is a great scanner software that creates high quality image outputs. Instead of discarding your old hardware you can use this software to make your scanner compatible with your latest system. It can be used with a long range of scanners and digital cameras. The software can be used easily by everyone and its output results satisfy the users. Homepage –

Driver Support

Driver Support is a quick and efficient tool that can update all required drivers. It lets you find system model and then looks for drivers that are compatible with your system. Its operations can be modified via settings menu to keep them according to user preferences.

DriverPack Solution 17.7.73

Driver Updates: The Drivers tab in DriverPack Solution Online displays the list of all types of drivers and utilities that are installed on your system and need to be updated. Either you can install all the recommendations by clicking Install Everything button or choose programs individually. Installing the updates can improve the performance; however, it can slow down your PC if enough space is not available in system memory. It is capable of detecting all types of drivers for Bluetooth, Video Card, Graphic Card, Sound Card, Network Interface, Wi-Fi, Processor and Input or Output devices. Related Software 10 User Avg Driver Booster 9.9 User Avg Driver Easy 9.9 User Avg Bluetooth Driver Installer Beta 9.8 User Avg Driver Genius 9.7 User Avg Microsoft .NET Framework 2020 9.7 User Avg VueScan 9.6.14 9.6 User Avg DriverPack Solution 17.7.73 9.6 User Avg Adobe AIR 9.6 User Avg Easy Driver Pro 10.0.0 9.6 User Avg Driver Support

Driver Magician 5.1

Related Software 10 User Avg Driver Booster 9.9 User Avg Driver Easy 9.9 User Avg Bluetooth Driver Installer Beta 9.8 User Avg Driver Genius 9.7 User Avg Microsoft .NET Framework 2020 9.7 User Avg VueScan 9.6.14 9.6 User Avg DriverPack Solution 17.7.73 9.6 User Avg Adobe AIR 9.6 User Avg Easy Driver Pro 10.0.0 9.6 User Avg Driver Support

Intel Chipset Device Software

Final Say Intel Chipset Device Software is practically a necessity. The Intel Chipset Device Software was granted the Microsoft Contributor Award. Free to download, it is worth the small amount of time it takes to install and the minor amount of space it takes up on the hard drive. The software works on almost all new operating programs. Related Software 10 User Avg Driver Booster 9.9 User Avg Driver Easy 9.9 User Avg Bluetooth Driver Installer Beta 9.8 User Avg Driver Genius 9.7 User Avg Microsoft .NET Framework 2020 9.7 User Avg VueScan 9.6.14 9.6 User Avg DriverPack Solution 17.7.73 9.6 User Avg Adobe AIR 9.6 User Avg Easy Driver Pro 10.0.0 9.6 User Avg Driver Support

Wise Driver Care 2.3 Build 301.1010

Computer drivers have the role to communication between your computer hardware components and the operating system, respectively Windows. If you keep outdated drivers on your system this might result in program crashes, errors, and failures and data loss due to incompatibilities. Wise Driver Care is a software program that provides an all-in-one device driver manager with various user friendly options. It is designed to deeply scan your computer in order to find out the corrupted, outdated and missing drivers then help computer users to install the latest and stable driver versions. In addition, the Wise Driver Care software comes with the features of creating a system restore point by backing up the current drivers. This allows in case of necessity to perform a quick rollback of the previous installation. The program also provides a free version with limited functionality. The free version does not support automatically creating backup and restore point, updating drivers with one click, as well as automatically upgrading the drivers. Users can only download drivers one by one with the free version. However, even if you are using the free version, you get most of functions. Users can backup drivers, download drivers and restore drivers with the free version as well. This is a very useful tool that can help computer users to keep their system updated with the latest driver versions with just a few clicks. While users can usually install directly from the manufacturer the latest driver versions, Wise Driver Care is a dedicated driver updater that save you the time needed to search for the correct driver for your PCs hardware configuration. Wise Driver Care can also detect residual files that can be cleaned cleaning with a click. The program comes with additional functions that aim to assess the PC’s performance and fix the found issues. The section dedicated to evaluate your PC performance is rating various computer components such as the hard drive, the video card, the memory capacity, the processor and so on. Based on these ratings, the program gives an overall rating. Homepage –

Realtek HD Audio Drivers R2.81

Realtek HD Audio Drivers is a freeware that you can download and install on your system without paying any license charges. There are no restrictions about the number of systems on which it can be used. The developers have been releasing its updates regularly in order to add more features and compatibility in this software. This is a very useful tool but it is a bit heavy.