Windows 10 Build 17115 Insider Preview/1709

Windows 10 Build 17115 Insider Preview/1709




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Operating System is the basic pillar of computer that is responsible for all operations. In its absence, the computer will fail to work. Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system among users due to its amazing GUI and flexibility for users of varying experience levels. It is a licensed product available under the banner of Microsoft Corporation. Windows 10 is the last edition of the series that was warmly welcomed by customers despite its large size. Its version was released in 2018 to tackle the issues that were faced in previous versions. It is also known as Anniversary Update ISO 1709.

The prominent feature of Windows 10 Support is that it is available for users belonging to different parts of the world. A large number of languages are supported so that you can translate it to most suitable one for easy understanding. You can get your operating system in Arabic, Greek, Polish, English, Finnish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Korean, Serbian, Swedish, Thai and many more languages. Whether you need 32 bit or 64 bit versions, you can get your required copy. However, 64 bit version is more common as it offers support for latest hardware components, while 32 bit is suitable for older parts.

How to Install:
The required version of operating system is present on the official website of Microsoft. Either you can purchase its disc or download the setup from reliable source. You can make choice from Standard, N Edition, KN Edition and Single Language Edition. It is available in the form of ISO image which is preferred by users for installing advanced apps. This ISO image can be mounted on the system through suitable software. Once the file is detected by system, you can run the setup and complete the installation procedure with the help of available instructions that simplify the process.

Issues Addressed:
Windows 10 efficiently resolves the glitches that had occurred in the older builds. The major issues were security of system and startup problems. The security is enhanced by using Hello Biometric Authentication. For this purpose, artificial intelligence technology is integrated that compares the facial features or fingerprints of users with the saved credentials to ensure that no unauthorized user gets access to private information. Along with improved security level, it decreases the efforts that were required for entering passwords. Furthermore, passwords used to be less secure as it is easier to get hands on them.

Cortana is the well-known personal assistant of Windows 10 that has been considerably improvised in this build. Various different activities can be performed now with its help. Other remarkable additional features consist of dark screen mode, professional music controls and faster response speed of Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows 10 is the update of the operating system that introduced the advanced features due to which its credibility has rapidly increased. It also boosts the speed of system for enabling users to carry out their work at faster pace. It is compatible with multiple types of devices which is another bonus point.



  • Improved security and management
  • Improved privacy and transparency
  • Everything runs in a window.
  • Find files faster.


  • Migrating to new operating system
  • Botched Updates
  • Unified Development


Operating System - 9.7
Windows Software - 9.8