Vivaldi 2.1 Build 1337.51

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Vivaldi 2.1 Build 1337.51
Vivaldi 2.1 Build 1337.51

Vivaldi is a unique web browser based on Blink layout engine. It is a fresh product developed by Vivaldi Technologies and was recently launched in April 2016. It is a free tool with most of its components being open source. The owners of this organization are former employees of Opera Software and had left the company due to closure of certain facilities. In order to facilitate the users with more comfortable web browser, this software was released. It has gained a huge fan base immediately and more than a million users are currently using it. It is an easy to use application with customizable layout.

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Vivaldi is a flexible web browser that fulfills user needs with a large variety of functions. Almost every aspect of the application can be customized as per preferences. The browsing experience is made quicker with fast access to favorite pages and a specialized button for returning to home screen.