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Skype is a telecommunication software developed by Skype Technologies that provides with voice calls and video chats to internet users around the world. It is one of the popular and most frequently used voice call software in the world. Apart from just voice and video chats, Skype provides various other features for its users such as messaging supported with emojis, group calls where more than two people can talk together in a single call. Users can also call normal phones, landlines and send SMS text messages via Skype. Initially though Skype concentrated in creating free voice calls to people, it has also upgraded the software through which people can also share files from one computer to another. Screen sharing feature is also made available in Skype, through which one can share his/her computer screens to people they are talking, to solve problems in computer by just operating it remotely from another computer. Skype provides updates weekly with new features, that increases the performance of the app.

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Skype 2019 is a new and intelligently designed Skype version that introduces a modern, reliable and easy way to connect with friends and relatives wherever they are through video chat over the internet. This latest introduction is genuinely designed to replace the previous designs by introducing new and interesting features that have ensured that the new version offers improved satisfaction for any user. This new software allows you to not only have free voice chat but also cheap call rates over the internet. The Features skype software has presented are generally modern and updated to fit the needs of every user over the world.