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GoodSync 2019 facilitates users with an efficient way to synchronize data between multiple devices and to create backup of sensitive data. It is very helpful when you are dealing with files that are very important for you and their loss may cause you problems. It is suitable for both home users as well as office workers who are want to take precautionary steps for preventing data loss. It can synchronize folders among different devices, can find out the difference and let you copy content for generating backup of data.

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GoodSync can provide synchronization between more than one directory within a system, between a PC and storage devices such as disks, USB drive and mobile phones or between a computer and server by using or not using cloud service. The updates are propagated quickly to provide higher data consistency and low resources are consumed. It offers chained sync for multiple devices that are not connected to each other directly. It can sync folders via servers of SMB, FTP, WebDAV, Secure FTP and Amazon S3.