Benefits of Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight

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Benefits of Microsoft Silverlight

Benefits of Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight has become more popular nowadays. It is known to be a very compatible cross-browser. Silverlight allows you to use browser-based applications easily. It provides a powerful interface when dealing with files, data, and applications. A good example of an application is Microsoft Office.

Silverlight is obtainable and available from Microsoft as a free download. You can easily build your business with Silverlight. Here are the benefits associated with it.

Greater user acceptance and adoption

This is the outstanding benefits you are likely to find from Silverlight applications. It offers greater user adoption as well as acceptance of the new application. In most cases, this applies when you are dealing with rich-client application and browser-based application in your computer. Microsoft Silverlight applications always engage the user via their rich presentation of interactive capabilities and content.

Powerful data visualization capabilities

Microsoft Silverlight has powerful data visualization capabilities. With it, you will enjoy graphical data views that are rich, often animated and interactive. This is a good experience when compared to the traditional browser-based application. A well-designed MS Silverlight applications make it simple and easy for you to drill down your data. This is done using simple mouse-click. It will also minimize the habit of scrolling up, down, right and left. Silverlight provides your business team with a quality tool that helps in maximizing limited screen real estate.

Reduces the testing, development, support effort and maintenance

We find that Microsoft Silverlight reduces the testing, development, support effort and maintenance required when it comes to delivering successful business application and platform. Unlike JavaScript, Silverlight applications are consistent across different browsers. This is significant in reducing development as well as testing time.
Remember that creating an interactive user-interface with JavaScript is tedious, time-consuming, messy and at times buggy. Also, the maintenance of Silverlight application is simple hence the support will not struggle when installing it.

Improved performance

Performance is promising. The local connection always supports it. Also, it ensures that there is a deep zoom and the data can be displayed well for easier understanding. There is also a dramatic improvement in speed for AJAX-enabled websites that begin to use Silverlight. Silverlight comes out well in this prime number calculator, thanks no doubt to JIT compilation to native code, though it may not compare so well for rendering graphics.

Silverlight is Cheap

The best advantages of Microsoft Silverlight is that it is cheap and reasonably cost-effective. It offers the most reasonable options at which one can easily stream videos and audios online without any degradation in the quality. Indeed, you will get quality videos through your web video streaming. Moreover, this product offers web administrators straightforward licensing procedures. You only need to have an IIS on your Window Server.

Best Quality Video Experience

Having a Microsoft Silverlight is an advantage. You will have an excellent chance to enjoy a top-notch quality of videos. These videos are well-embedded on websites to ensure a more graphical feature. With Silverlight, you are assured of getting the best video experience.

The above benefits show how Microsoft Silverlight will befit you as the user. You only need to install it.